Saving the planet together

You can help the planet become cleaner and get insoles that will help:
  • Get rid of bad smell
  • Find comfort in every step
  • Get rid of excess moisture
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The 7Gram insole improves footwear functionality, providing maximum comfort. Thanks to the combination of hemp fabric and the 7gram composite, our insole can withstand moderate to heavy perspiration, while maintaining its unique properties.

We got problems

The world is getting buried in garbage. A significant share of this garbage is plastic. In particular, the one used to make coffee cups.

The turnover of disposable paper cups this year will exceed one hundred billion (100,000,000,000) units. That is enough to encircle the entire planet two and a half times! Which makes the scale of the disposable cup problem truly planetary.


Business refuses to deal with this issue ecause it’s a complex technological and logistical task.


The disposable paper cup is composed of virgin cellulose(which requires cutting down millions of trees),and covered with a thin plastic film (which decomposes into microplastic, covering the seas and oceans)


As a result – only 4% of cups are currently processed. The rest are polluting the environment.

Our goal:

help you make the planet cleaner while making your shoes more comfortable

There are still questions

ere sent to landfills every year by Starbucks alone

64 billion disposable cups

At this time you:

  • care about your health
  • give up using plastic
  • strive to eat healthily
  • discuss issues that should be made public
  • adhere to eco-friendly consumption
After consumption

dispose the cup into the special 7Gram container

We will make insoles out of it

  • We pick up cups from the container regularly
  • We collect the coffee cake from partner coffee shops regularly
  • We deliver it to the production facility and cleanse it
  • We create our unique 7Gram composite using coffee and disposed cups
  • We use hemp fabric to improve the antibacterial effect
  • We pack insoles with love for the customer and the planet
Its convenient and easy!

Purchase the7Gram insole

You buy a comfortable and stylish item that is a symbol of your involvement in the planet salvation!

Handmade quality

Each insole is created with love, care and a contribution to the project mission.


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Order your insoles today. We will deliver them as quickly as possible!

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable consumption and production aims to "do more and better with less".
Climate change knows no boundaries and requires a global solution.

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